In this wrap of 2016, Craig shares his top ten moments from the game changers interviewed in 2016 (from Seasons 1, 2 and Season 3: UK).

Tony Martin talks about going to too much trouble, Hamish Blake talks about dealing with challenges as they come up (and not letting them fester), and Jamie Theakston talks about the importance of understanding your strengths and limitations... among other great moments.




1:06 Jamie Theakston acknowledging the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses

2:23 James Brayshaw discussing being a host and knowing your role in the team

5:20 Nick Ferrari describing how a program comes together

6:56 Eddie McGuire preparing for a program and his desire to create 'lean in' radio

8:51 Sam Cavanagh reflecting on the role of a producer and how to influence talent

11:17 Hamish Blake discussing the dangers of working with your friends

12:43 Craig noting that Hamish and Andy succeeded due to their ability to communicate off air just as well as they do on air

14:05 Tony Martin describing the work that went into creating Martin/Molloy

15:52 Matt Tilley explaining the influence of Brian Ford

17:25 Craig summarising take away advice for Program Directors

17:52 Chrissie Swan wanting her program director to like her because she’s being herself

20:21 Craig explaining why program director’s need to be in tune with the presenters

20:47 Mick Molloy explaining how to play to your strengths

22:53 Christian O’Connell giving advice to a younger version of himself.