Chrissie Swan is a game changer. Along with Jane Hall, she led Melbourne’s first all-female breakfast show on Mix that went to #1 in 2014. In 2017, she co-hosts Chrissie, Sam and Browny on NOVA's breakfast show. Chrissie is one of radio’s best storytellers, and her warmth and honesty has delivered audiences to every station she’s worked on. In this interview, she reflects on life, career and confidence.

Chrissie Swan is a radio game changer. Listen to her interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.
Chrissie Swan is a radio game changer. Listen to her interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


2:08 Talking about her current radio show and how extroverts work

2:40 Working with Sam Pang on Chrissie, Sam and Browny

3:16 Understanding the importance of good rapport with your co-hosts

3:35 Working with Jonathan Brown (and the surprise of liking him) on Chrissie, Sam and Browny

4:15 Understanding the vibe of the program on Nova

5:00 Getting to know co-hosts and their families

5:44 Reflecting on family and the impact of her two sisters 

6:42 Joking about her family's sense of humour

7:51 Starting her first job, 'I wanted to work in advertising because my favourite show growing up was Bewitched'

8:58 Studying to be a primary school teacher

9:30 Reflecting on her time on Big Brother

9:58 Listening to radio growing up

10:23 Enjoying true crime

11:35 Dealing with the attention post-Big Brother and getting into radio

12:09 Talking about the stages of Big Brother

13:03 Starting a new radio station and offered work by DMG

13:35 Working on the Sunshine Coast

14:07 Following direction from producers, including not laughing 

15:10 Learning from her first Program Director

16:22 Working with various on air partners 

17:25 Returning to Melbourne and other opportunities

18:40 Working in advertising hoping radio would work out

19:20 Talking about the Vega breakfast team

19:47 Changing dynamic when working in your home town

20:10 Accepting a job that may end tomorrow

22:30 Making ratings and the influence on your content

23:30 Accepting ratings results don’t make any sense

23:49 Dealing with the pressure of low ratings on Vega?

25:00 Moving from one job to the next (Vega to The Circle)

25:43 Moving to host breakfast on Mix with Jane Hall

26:05 Talking about The Circle

26:30 Working as a female in radio

29:05 Talking about how radio stations deal when things are not going well

30:40 Reflecting on the surprise of Mix ending

31:20 Lacking confidence

32:10 Rekindling her love of radio with Fifi Box on  Fifi and Dave

32:50 Taking the Nova opportunity

33:09 Working with content directors

34:08 Balancing work and life

34:54 Communicating with your team about how you want to be managed

36:36 Producing versus presenting, the on air talent versus behind the scenes

37:43 Moving beyond taking anything personally in a super personal job

39:27 Finding content

40:04 Working with the team and finding content by staying back

41:30 Loving an industry full of fun people and arseholes

42:25 Knowing a big story when you find one

43:04 Talking about things that are hard to talk about

44:33 Recognising some on air relationships wont ever make it

45:17 Reflecting on the authenticity era of radio

46:05  Talking about her current team and where it’s going