More than thirty episodes into Game Changers: Radio, we have begun to curate conversations between game changers about topics that matter to them.  First up, we bring the UK's Christian O'Connell together with Melbourne's Sam Cavanagh for a conversation discussing Can You Learn To Be Creative?

Christian O'Connell and Sam Cavanagh talk to Craig Bruce for a special episode on creativity on Game Changer: Radio.


I recommend all on-air talent and Content Directors listen to the Game Changers interviews. They give great insight into the hard work, thought and effort required to succeed. A great listen.

Brad March_Game Changers Radio
Brad March Director, March Media
Thanks Craig for your podcast. As a complete rookie to the radio game (just started on breakfast radio 6 weeks ago) your podcast has been an invaluable resource. Its been great hearing from some of the best in the business! Really appreciate what you’ve put together. As a newbie its hard finding resources to help, this has been an invaluable tool for a rather niche profession!
Duncan Robinson_Game Changers: Radio
Duncan Robinson Presenter, Hope 103.2

Just listened to my first ever Game Changers: Radio. It was the Hamish Blake episode. I really enjoyed it. It had a lot of correlation to where I am currently sitting in radio.

I just want to say a massive thank you. That Game Changers episode has really resonated with me. Having Hamish, my idol from when I was about 12 talk about his beginnings which are like mine has really given me purpose going forward.

So thank you again. It really was something extremely special for me and an amazing eye opener.

Tarrant Eriksen_Game Changers: Radio
Tarrant Eriksen (Taz) Hot Rod Driver, Hot 91.1

I just wanted to let you know as someone who has worked in news talk radio for 19 years, as a journalist, presenter and programmer, I very much enjoyed listening to your Nick Ferrari podcast. I visited Global a few years ago and met James Rea, and LBC is a very impressive radio station. However I must say in some regards they have been trailing Australian news talk radio, we’ve been doing it for decades and very successfully with 3AW, 2UE and 2GB, but hearing Nick’s thoughts was enlightening and there certainly much we can learn.

It would be great to hear you do more on talk radio in the future.

Clinton Maynard_Game Changers: Radio
Clinton Maynard Talking Lifestyle Presenter, 2UE

Hi Craig, just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your podcasts. As a regional announcer I would never have had access to such amazing advice. It has literally changed so many of my thoughts about broadcasting, it is inspiring and so amazing to have such a great source of knowledge to listen to at any time! Thanks again, keep ’em coming!

Carly Portch_Game Changers: Radio
Carly Portch Breakfast Host, Griffith-HotFM

Craig Bruce sets the bar with in-depth personal interviews with radio talent in Australia, and continues the high quality here in the UK. His conversations with radio stars in the UK are a must listen for anyone in radio.

Roy Martin_Testimonial_Game Changers: Radio
Roy Martin Managing Editor, RadioToday UK

Just wanted to pop you a note to say I love the podcasts – good for the soul when you’re stuck amongst the chaos daily. It’s nice to know other people have been through the same thing decades on decades!

Krystal Sanders _ Game Changers Radio
Krystal Sanders Producer, The Kyle & Jackie Show, KIIS 106.5

Love them all! I’m doing more and more radio now I’ve retired from playing and I’m learning so much from these podcasts.

I love the fact that every successful radio personality have put in so many hours of hard work, so similar to life as an athlete. Awesome job.

Bianca Chatfield_Game Changers Radio
Bianca Chatfield Former Captain of the Melbourne Vixens and Former Vice-Captain of the Australian Diamonds

I am loving Game Changers. So much to learn from listening to you and all your guests.
Really incredible stuff. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

Emma Freedman_Game Changers: Radio
Emma Freedman Presenter, Channel Nine

In all seriousness, it has been a very long time since a podcast switched me off for almost an hour.
I couldn’t get enough, you totally had me. Amazing.

Dom Evans_Game Changers: Radio
Dom Evans Head of Production, Fox FM, Southern Cross Austereo

Loving Episode 1 – great conversation and the trust he [Marty] has in you allows for some candid and poignant moments.

Andrew Sidwell
Andrew Sidwell Head of Client Content Creation, Macquarie Media

Just finished listening to CB’s Game Changer podcast with Marty Sheargold. FREAKING AMAZING.
Download it because it’s incredibly entertaining and interesting. Listen to it because it’s a masterclass on how to make a podcast.

Sean Craig Murphy
Sean Craig Murphy Announcer, Triple M Adelaide
What I like is the natural flow of conversation. Radio has the strict parameters of a 3 minute break, so it is refreshing to hear Marty talk in more than short soundbites.
I loved the balance between the personal and professional, and thought you gave him the space to open up but helped him along when needed.
Game Changers: Radio really is must listen audio, genuinely wishing I can binge listen.
Sam Mac
Sam Mac Presenter, Sunrise, Channel 7

Game Changers: Radio is the ‘On The Couch’ of the radio industry. Craig Bruce, with his outstanding reputation and career, has the trust of his guests. This allows them to open up and answer his conversational questions with honesty and ease. Craig takes the listener on a journey during the podcast, reflecting on the careers of the best in the business.

Insight into the highest profile radio announcers in Australia is worth it’s weight in gold. The podcast is entertaining, intriguing and insightful – delving into the minds of the most creative people. Can’t wait for the next one!

Jarrod Walsh
Jarrod Walsh Announcer and Assistant Program Director, Nova Entertainment
The podcast left me wanting to hear the personal stuff. You knew it was coming, and Craig doesn’t disappoint.
You know that Craig already knows the answers to the most personal of questions yet asks them in such a generous way as to set Marty up to really shine.
Even through some of Marty’s darkest tales of radio self destruction, you want to cheer him on and let him know that things will turn out alright.
Liam Renton
Liam Renton Promotions Manager, Hot 91/ Zinc 96 FM

Great podcast mate. Really well done. Quality interview.

Amos Gill
Amos Gill Hit107 Breakfast Announcer, Southern Cross Austereo