Eddie McGuire is a game changer. In this interview, Eddie talks frankly about the radio business and the secrets to his success.

The Triple M Grill Team reimagined sports entertainment on FM radio in the early 90s. Eddie was also the first host and original face of Triple M Football, bringing AFL to FM. Since 2009 Eddie has hosted Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast (with Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy until late 2017, and then with Luke and Will Anderson), taking the show from a 3 share to the #1 FM breakfast show with a mix of news, talk and sport.

Eddie McGuire is a radio game changer. Listen to Eddie speak to Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.
Eddie McGuire is a radio game changer. Listen to Eddie speak to Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


2:13 Starting out as a sports reporter

3.23 Talking about the talent he worked with early on, including the early D-Generation (Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy)

5:50 Talking The Grill Team and wanting to bring footy to Triple M and FM radio

6:35 Knowing a great weekday line up, but pushing for a weekend opportunity to 'own the weekends'

6:58 Pointing out that The Grill Team was similar to The Footy Show

7:26 Remembering when The Grill Team started and working with Jane Kennedy

8:16 Beating The Coodabeen Champions and moving the shift to weekdays

8:55 Remembering the strong ratings for Austereo at that time

9:45 Reflecting on how someone goes from guest spots and sports reporting to hosting

11:08 Talking about the fun of footy and getting those talents to show personality on air

11:58 Making stars of the talent, and not relying on the format for the success

12:30 Needing to know more than the audience when you go to air

13:31 Talking about the role of the broadcaster and joining the dots on the story

14:40 Being a journalist means being sceptical

15:15 Receiving advice from his brother on how to be a good journalist, watching what happens rather than asking

17:45 Being asked to breakfast after being the CEO of Channel 9 and wanting to fight to do well on air with The Hot Breakfast

18:35 Feeling that Triple M had been vandalised and fighting for the brand to be supported within Austereo

19:57 Wanting Triple M to be one of the great talk stations of the world and understanding the role of music in that

20:22 Starting The Hot Breakfast and figuring out what was missing in the market

22:35 Outlining his radio philosophy – being the table in a restaurant that everyone else looks at and wants to join

23:30 Talking about Luke Darcy as a talent

23:53 Outlining his philosophy on life and how to beat your opponent

24:25 Talking to sales and working out what sells if you work on commercial radio

26:03 Starting out and the cast not being quite right      

26:40 Talking about Tony Moclair and his style not suiting The Hot Breakfast

27:17 Talking about Mieke Buchan and saying women are harder on women on air

28:04 Taking The Hot Breakfast from rating 3 to a 6 share

29:00 Reflecting on his different roles 

29:45  Losing confidence when going through the change from Channel 9

30:30 Being kicked out by Channel 9 and using it as the motivation for The Hot Breakfast to succeed

31:15 Talking about the role of Mick Molloy in the success of the program

34:10 Sharing his thoughts on how to be a star in the media

36:33 Emphasising the importance of being prepared for work

37:36 Remembering that if you have fans who care, you want to care yourself

37:50 Knowing that your audience knows if you’re being a fake

38:48 Providing good honest fair advice, and understanding that talent need to listen to feedback even if they don’t want to hear it