Fifi Box is a game changer. She got her first break on the national stage as co-host of MMM's Shebang with Marty Sheargold and Byron Cooke. The show reached #1 around Australia in 2004. Her on-air chemistry with Marty is still recognised as one of the most potent combinations on FM. Fifi moved to the Today Network in 2008, hosting a national weekend breakfast show before taking on national drive with Jules Lund in 2011. The show became one of the first truly social, multi-platform shows on radio. In 2018 Fifi hosts Fifi, Fev & Byron.

Fifi Box is a game changer. Listen to Fifi Box's interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.
Fifi Box is a game changer. Listen to Fifi Box's interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


2:32 Acknowledging the latest great ratings

3:15 Talking about the competitiveness of the current market

4:10 Explaining why  brought Brendan Fevola to the current team

6:15 Craig Bruce telling a story about Fevola

7:20 Explaining that Fev is so real and raw he doesn’t realise he’s good radio talent

7:28 Describing her start in radio 

8:52 Pitching a show to Triple M with Phil Brandel that got a go in a non-ratings period

10:50 Explaining how the late night, non-ratings shift allowed her to learn 

11:56 Being on air without a filter 

12:37 Remembering hitting her rock bottom and what it taught her

13:23 Working as a nanny and realising that radio is what she wanted to do

14:15 Craig Bruce commending Fifi on how she broke through into the industry with hard work and tenacity

15:55 Sharing her secret to making it on air

16:22 Creating her own opportunities

17:01 Explaining the importance of mentors and management who let you try things

17:37 Craig Bruce explaining a memorable story arc created by Fifi

19:38 Being a young female working at a blokes station

21:10 Making The Shebang with Marty Sheargold

24:19 Reacting to Marty's definition of chemistry on radio

26:20 Declaring the importance of the pause and pace in a program

27:48 Citing Byron Cooke as an example of an anchor who completely understands his role

29:53 Describing her version on why The Shebang didn’t survive

32:16 Laughing about her first encounter with Russell Brand (watch the first encounter here)

36:25 Having the guts to replace Hamish and Andy, the 'irreplaceable program'

37:30 Failing and bouncing back

38:05 Working with Jules Lund and how important he was to the success of the program

42:02 Explaining the importance of a social media following outside of the radio

43:00 Managing social media and the role it plays for a host

44:10 Craig Bruce acknowledging the power of broadcast above social media

46:25 Exploring her confidence in her own ability to manage the content and an audience

47:20 Acknowledging the importance of great mentors

47:59 Declaring her love of the breakfast radio

48:58 Explaining how much of the real her she shares with her audience.