Jamie Dunn is a game changer. For 15 years he was the undisputed king of Brisbane radio, when the B105 Morning Crew was at the heart of the station's incredible ratings success during the 1990s and early 2000s. Jamie was also the voice and personality of children's character Agro. With features like 'Agro to the Rescue', 'Gotcha' calls and the Royal Children’s Hospital appeal, Jamie (alongside Ian Skippen and Donna Lynch, who was later replaced by Robin Bailey) created a Brisbane show that became the benchmark for FM breakfast radio. Jamie then joined The Morning Crew in Sydney alongside Wendy Harmer and Paul Holmes. Dunn has also hosted a variety of children's television shows, although he has retired his alter-ego Agro.

Jamie Dunn_Game Changers Radio_Season 4
Jamie Dunn speaks to Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


4:00 Discussing what old radio people do after their shifts

4:22 Explaining why Austereo in Brisbane was a great team

5:20 Craig Bruce explaining why B105 was the benchmark of FM radio in the 1990s

6:15 Suggesting his radio career was accidental 

6:25 Describing Ian Skippen as an old school radio host who believed you did a regional stint before you do metro radio

7:33 Recalling what he did before radio (which includes working as a drummer for John Farnham)

9:35 Starting at 4BK after working as Agro

11:34 Craig explaining the transition of radio stations at the time (including 4BK turning FM)

12:05 Remembering the launch of B105 and the Triple M team mooning them while they planned the station

13:33 Believing giving up heritage means you give up everything

14:37 Discussing B105 changing to HIT105

16:12 Talking about Brad March as a program director

17:43 Explaining the plan for International Nude Day

19:47 Debating the best version of the program

21:03 Dealing with competition within a team

23:35 Remembering how he got into a punch up with Ian Skippen

26:44 Sharing the story behind Agro

29:32 Recalling that time Jason Donovan came on Agro

31:17 Doing the Logies with Dickie Knee

32:45 Separating Agro and Jamie when on air

34:08 Knowing the end result is the key – you can disregard the stunt on the way

34:53 Helping a child who needed a wheelchair and developing the radio story arc to provide the help required

38:22 Leaving B105 for Triple M

40:28 Asking for a sign on fee, being coached on how to quit and the Wally Lewis Port agreement

45:27 Answering the question, was it ever worth more than just money?

46:42 Moving to 2Day FM in Sydney

47:43 Challenging Doug Mulray’s program

51:36 Reflecting on what happened when Wendy Harmer joined The Morning Crew

55:27 Explaining how he did B105 in Brisbane while he was on Sydney radio

58:36 Discussing the Children’s Hospital Christmas Appeal in Brisbane

1:01:04 Describing how times have changed in radio

1:04:22 Explaining how the team impacts on the success of a station

1:05:38 Imparting final wisdom.