Lessons from Game Changers: Radio Season One

Game Changers: Radio_Mick Molloy and Craig Bruce


This post was written by Craig Bruce on 10 April 2016.


So Episode One of Game Changers is  now available to download from iTunes.

As I mentioned to someone last week, the podcast is a study of success in broadcast, I've always believed that you can learn so much from the benchmarks in your chosen field and that's certainly the case for radio.

Here are the key themes from Season One.

Behind every story of success, there are moments of failure. No one has ever got it right every time. It's clear that a career without setbacks and failure is a career without risk.

No one ever gets out of this without having had at least one setback. When it happens to you, know that you’re now part of a very large club and the only thing that will matter is how you respond.

Trust between the content director and talent is key. Great talent need to feel supported. The performers who genuinely put it all on the line are the ones that risk the most and they need the support of their team during these moments.

Chrissie Swan talks about this in Episode Two. For her, and so many performers like her, she's at her best when she's feeling confident and self-assured. 

Talent who win the content game are the ones who have learnt to curate. And when I say curation, I mean they are constantly making decisions on content that move them further away from the pack, not closer to it.

They talk about what others won’t. 

They zig when others zag. 

They say no, but... 

They have absolute clarity about what works for them. 

No radio show has ever changed the game by being slightly better than what’s already on offer.