Listen to Craig Bruce share what he learned from interviewing the best of the best - Hamish Blake, Matt Tilley, Amanda Keller, Fifi Box, Richard Stubbs and Tony Martin.


0:38 Matt Tilley talking about being relatable on air

2:50 Craig Bruce outlining the advice shared by radio talent in Season 2

3:44 Fifi Box sharing how having nothing to lose can help drive you to success

6:30 Fifi offering advice on sheer grit and determination

7:26 Amanda Keller talking about how to present interesting content

10:27 Hamish Blake explaining how the more fun the program is having the more fun the audience is having

11:37 Hamish remembering Fred Bassett and why it is important for the idea - not necessarily the outcome - to be funny

12:50 Hamish sharing alternative ways to get publicity

13:20 Hamish explaining why you can sometimes leave content up to the audience

14:23 Craig Bruce sharing more key learnings from Season 2

15:09 Tony Martin explaining his love of the 'theatre of the mind' aspect to radio

17:37 Richard Stubbs describing the success of 'you and I need to talk'

18:32 Richard Stubbs explaining why he thinks radio exists

19:30 Craig Bruce describing the privilege of radio allowing you to connect to your audience.