Listen to Craig Bruce share what he learned from interviewing the best of the best - Tim BlackwellWendy HarmerJamie Dunn, Robin Bailey, Ash Bradnam and Andy Lee.


2:26 Introducing Game Changers: Rising Stars

  • Tanya Hennessy, Ryan & Tanya (6am-9am Canberra), HIT 104.7
  • Ryan JonRyan & Tanya (6am-9am Canberra), HIT 104.7
  • Ash London, Ash London Live (8pm-11pm National), HIT Network
  • Heather MaltmanHeather, Dan & Ben (5am-9am Gold Coast), Sea FM 90.9
  • Smallzy, Smallzy's Surgery (7pm-10pm National), Nova 969
  • Amos Gill, Amos, Cat & Angus, (6am-9am Adelaide), HIT 107
  • Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton, Triple J Breakfast (6am-9am Adelaide), Triple J
  • Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, The Thinkergirls (7pm-9pm National), KIIS 1065
  • Mike Etheridge and Emma Chow, Mike E and Emma, (6am-9am National), EDGE 96.1 
  • Zoe Marshall, Meet the Marshalls (7am-9am Brisbane Sundays), Nova 106.9
  • Dave Matthews, The Hot Breakfast: Dave, Same & Ash (6am-9am Sunshine Coast), Hot 91.1
  • Pete Currulli, Lisa & Pete (4pm-7pm Perth), Mix 94.5.

4:15 Craig Bruce reflecting on Tim Blackwell, an announcer who moved into a key content position

4:45 Tim explaining how he had to earn it and learn from Hughesy & Kate

6:28 Craig explaining how Tim broke conventional rules of radio to create his show

7:05 Wendy Harmer remembering when everything was greatly heavily produced and explaining why she creates a different style of radio

7:46 Craig commending Wendy on her career

9:02 Craig discussing the importance of words to any career in radio

9:35 Wendy explaining the level of vulnerability exposed by a talkback caller

10:07 Jamie Dunn being 'a friend on air' for the audience

10:45 Craig explaining the importance of the host connecting with the audience

13:00 Jamie saying the hardest thing on radio is to be yourself

13:20 Craig outlining the connection Robin Bailey has to her audience, which is reflected in the rating after her move to Triple M

14:20 Craig explaining the importance of getting to the heart of the story before committing to it on the radio

15:21 Robin recommending radio hosts 'stop talking about yourself'

16:33 Craig remarking on Ash Bradnam’s raw honesty when talking about getting sober

18:31 Craig noting how the flaws in some presenters make them the hosts that people like

19:50 Craig exploring the all or nothing attitude that makes Hamish Blake and Andy Lee the success they are

21:53 Craig sharing his view on radio engagement – they are not listening to you. To make your mark you need to be all in.