Listen to Craig Bruce share what he learned from interviewing the best of the best - Hamish Blake, Matt Tilley, Amanda Keller, Fifi Box, Richard Stubbs and Tony Martin.


0:35 Introducing the highlights

0:44 Revisiting Eddie McGuire’s interview

1:13 Where did Eddie start when creating Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast?

2:15 What makes The Hot Breakfast work?

3:20 Starting with the listeners and what was not being serviced

4:01 Revisiting Marty Sheargold’s interview

4:46 Choosing your content, and avoiding filler material

5:48 Creating an experience you’ll only get with that program

7:01 Reflecting on the old parts of programming hanging on

7:35 Hitting ratings targets buys freedom to buy choices

8:12 Understanding that ratings matter

8:35 Revisiting James Brayshaw’s interview

10:07 Talking about comedians and suggesting they don’t always make the best interviewers because they’re not programmed to listen

10:33 Understanding the role of the host to bring others into the show

11:05 Defining everyone in the team’s role

11:39 Revisiting Chrissie Swan’s interview

12:37 Recognising storytelling skills and the importance of communicating

13:46 Revisiting Mick Molloy’s interview

15:58 Knowing the secret to a great show is hard work

17:20 Revisiting Sam Cavanagh’s interview