Lessons From Radio Game Changers: Series 1


This article by Craig Bruce was originally published in OnnAir on 19 April. You can find it here.


It’s been awesome spending time with a bunch of people I have so much respect for, both on and off the air, for my new podcast series Game Changers: Radio.

I wanted this to be a study of success in broadcast, I’ve always felt that one of the most effective ways to get better at what you do is to study the habits and personal attributes of the best in your chosen field and this felt like a good way of uncovering exactly what the best radio broadcasters in Australia do.

Having just spent a stack of one on one time with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy, Chrissie Swan, Marty Sheargold, James Brayshaw and Sam Cavanagh it’s clear that whilst they may be on different formats, and in the case of Sam have different roles inside the creative process, these people share a lot in common.

Talent who win the content game are the ones who have learnt to curate. And when I say curation, I mean they are constantly making decisions on content that move them further away from the pack, not closer to it.

They talk about what others won’t. 

They zig when others zag. 

They say no, but always find a better yes.

They have absolute clarity about what works for them. 

No radio show has ever changed the game by being slightly better than what’s already on offer.

Marty explains this in no uncertain terms on Episode 1...



For the presenters who have a genuine impact and connection with their audience, that division between who they are on air and off air is a very thin line. And it’s this ability to be themselves that makes them stand out.



The thing that really stood out for me was that despite the success that all of these guys are having right now, they have all had their share of disappointments and moments where things didn’t go to plan

No one has ever had a career in radio without having had at least one setback. When it happens to you, know that you’re a part of a very large club and the only thing that will matter is how you respond.

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