Mike Toolan is a UK game changer. He started in radio way back in 1991, and is now the host of Key 103 Manchester's breakfast show. Mike has dominated the market for 15 years. For Australians unfamiliar with the UK radio landscape, you can find him on Twitter.

Mike Toolan is a game changer. Listen to his interview withCraig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.
Mike Toolan is a game changer. Listen to his interview withCraig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


1:43 Commenting on Game Changers: Radio (and loving the episode with Sam Cavanagh)

2:40 Discussing his producer

3:04 Getting his start

5:08 Remembering being11 years pretending to be on radio 

6:28 Making it to radio 

8:04 Advising young people wanting to make it in radio

9:18 Learning to talk like a normal person (not a DJ)

11:48 Explaining a rule on his program: you have to 'give it up for the show'

12:23 Getting radio 'right'

13:18 Creating an honest connection with an audience is hard work

14:25 Working with a non-radio person willing to talk about her life

15:14 Working in radio in the USA and stealing ideas from the BBC 

19:20 Moving to breakfast radio

22:42 Adapting to management and shift changes

23:27 Moving on after being dumped from breakfast

24:07 Getting a nose job for a stunt for the show

25:27 Giving away a divorce on air

26:26 Dealing with negative feedback

27:08 Interacting on social media (especially Twitter

28:00 Pitching ‘The Heartless Hotline' (stolen with love from Australians Kyle and Jackie O)

31:20 Accepting that the broadcast authority have upheld a complaint so the idea is off

31:42 Creating game shows for TV ( Sell Me The Answer)

34:30 Building drama in a contest

35:00 Sharing his ‘ideas file’

36:05 Working with a co-host for 10 years

37:55 Learning from 18 years of breakfast radio

39:48 Explaining the disappointment when the ratings don't match how you feel about the program

41:51 Advising for those starting out in radio... take parts of others but don't copy.