Nick Ferrari is a UK game changer. He is breakfast host of LBC London’s number 1 commercial talk format. Nick is a formidable broadcaster. No issue is off limits. No listener is left behind. His pedigree in journalism is second to none, and he brings a 'newspaper daily planning' approach to his show every morning. You can follow Nick on Twitter.

Nick Ferrari is a game changer. Listen to his interview with Craig Bruce here.
Nick Ferrari is a game changer. Listen to his interview with Craig Bruce here.


2:02 Discussing the commercial radio landscape in UK

4:19 Talking about his father, a journalist

5:10 Recalling his first job (reading copy over the phone to the copy takers in London for his dad)

6:00 Noting the influence of family on story telling

6:47 Remembering his first proper job at the Sunday Mirror

7:15 Talking about his mentors: his dad, Rupert Murdoch and Kelvin MacKenzie 

7:46 Craig quoting 'journalists are paid to by sceptical not cynical' 

820 Offering a definition of journalism

9:14 Making his way into radio

9:53 Returning to radio after being unemployed 

10:38 Sharing his philosophy on what kind of politics work best on talk radio

12:30 Designing a program and creating the best balance

13:05 Rejecting the idea of set topics on set days

13:38 Laughing at being asked about the production meeting (due to the lack of one)

14:48 Curating content within the program

15:16 Understanding the audience when curating content

15:42 Defining his audience

15:56 Sharing your life on air

17:59 Understanding how a rich story like Brexit influences talk radio

18:40 Deconstructing why Brexit was so divisive

19:30 Becoming the story: Nick’s personal involvement in the Brexit story

20:10 Defining the difference between what he does and the newsroom 

21:26 Orchestrating a pivotal moment in the Brexit campaign

23:20 Explaining how he can stand in the middle of a debate like Brexit

24:13 Taking a radio station from the bottom of the ratings to the top

25:37 Getting feedback

26:30 Answering a call from Rupert Murdoch 

28:03 Advising young people wanting to get into radio

28:56 Maintaining your sense of humour

30:15 Keeping a story thread running through your program

32:20 Understanding the difference between a tabloid stunt and creating an angle.