Marty Sheargold leads Game Changers


This interview was originally published by on 7 April 2016. You can find it here.


Marty Sheargold leads Game Changers: Radio.

Craig Bruce hosts a new interview series with people who have been at the forefront of change in radio. radioinfo readers will be the first to hear the inaugural podcast on radioinfo from midnight Sunday. First up is Marty Sheargold, co-host of Australia’s top rating Drive show, Kate, Tim and Marty. In the hour long interview, Marty talks about:

  1. His early days at SA-FM
  2. The passing of his great friend Richard Marsland
  3. The success and demise of the Shebang
  4. His regrets about Sydney breakfast on MMM
  5. How he prepares for the Kate, Tim and Marty Drive show on Nova
  6. What he plans on doing next with his life.

Be first to hear Game Changers: Radio on radioinfo from midnight, Sunday. Game Changers: Radio is a joint production between Craig Bruce Coaching and Bad Producer Productions.