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This article was first published by Champagne Comedy on 1 August 2016.


Here’s one for Tony Martin fans out there.

The people at Bad Producer Productions and Craig Bruce Coaching bring you the next instalment of the Game Changers: Radio podcast – the Tony Martin episode.

In the first season, Martin’s former radio sparring partner Mick Molloy spoke about his start and experiences, and now it’s Martin’s turn.

Now into the second season of Game Changers: Radio, guests have already featured this season include Amanda Keller, Matt Tilley, Hamish Blake, Richard Stubbs and Fifi Box. In this latest episode, host Craig Bruce talks to Martin about:

  • His first venture into radio in New Zealand
  • Becoming a copywriter at FM104 (Triple M) Brisbane
  • Getting his foot in the door with The D-Generation
  • Various projects he’s written for
  • The origin of ‘Tommy G and The Fatman’
  • How The Late Show was created and originally failed
  • How The Satanic Sketches nearly didn’t see the light of day
  • The creation of FM Playhouse
  • The mechanics of Martin/Molloy
  • Having Get This developed and the yo-yoing of the timeslot
  • Everyone’s favourite Panel Operator and Contributor – Richard Marsland
  • Will Tony ever return full-time to radio.

If you haven’t already, Game Changers: Radio is a podcast I encourage you to subscribe to, if you want to know the behind-the-scenes of your favourite past or present radio show and talent. The podcast itself is already shortlisted for the Mumbrella Publish Awards 2016 Best Podcast.

Here is Episode Thirteen with Tony.


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