Robin Bailey is a game changer. She spent  nine years with Jamie Dunn and Ian Skippen on the B105 Morning Crew, dominating the Brisbane market during the 1990s and early 2000s. She then hosted 973 Breakfast for a decade with Terry Hansen and Bob Gallagher. Robin’s longevity and consistency across almost two decades on two separate shows makes her one of Brisbane’s most successful FM presenters. In 2017, Robin joined Greg Martin and Ed Kavalee for Marto, Ed & Robin, a new breakfast show on Triple M in Brisbane.

Robin Bailey is a radio game changer. Listen to her interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.
Robin Bailey is a radio game changer. Listen to her interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


2:45 Craig Bruce explaining what is missing from the podcast due to legal reasons…

3:56 Recalling her 10th year of hosting a #1 breakfast show, just as the program came to an end

5:20 Outlining the strong format of the program

6:08 Explaining her start (at high school performing a radio play)

7:17 Remembering the advice from her mum (who worked at AFTRS)

7:57 Thanking her radio influences at 2SM, 2UE and Wendy Hargraves

9:00 Educating Craig on the great reach and training ground of 2WEB

10:27 Remembering the assistant producer work with Grubby and Dee Dee

11:12 Getting air checks from Greg Smith when working in Hobart

11:30 Craig recalling his first air check with Greg Smith

13:02 Remembering her first radio shift in Tasmania and the feeling you have to personally talk to each listener

14:07 Recalling her short stint on Adelaide radio

14:43 Working in pubs before getting back into radio as a producer in Brisbane

15:35 Changing jobs and understanding 'we still don’t do sackings well in this business'

15:55 Moving from producing to on air

16:27 Sharing lessons learned from co-hosts

17:58 Craig describing the launch of the new (you can watch it here).

19:17 Being true to yourself but working well with the people you’re with

20:17 Learning to respect the team (including the producer) more

22:55 Craig asking Robin to pick which program was better: nine years with B105 or 10 years with 97.3?

23:58 Asking the secret of the success of a team

25:21 Explaining her need to 'feel it out' before talking about certain topics

26:47 Sharing her philosophy to 'stop talking about yourself'

27:47 Pushing the program to never be predictable

28:47 Discussing how Hamish Blake and Andy Lee push themselves beyond the current show

29:50 Craig explaining the day that Robin came back to radio after her husband died

30:57 Being supported by her producer when she returned to air

34:28 Being ten years on air in the prime of her career, and getting fired

35:09 Skipping ahead to MMM Brisbane

35:55 Approaching on air differently when working on a male-dominated program

37:03 Recognising what she doesn’t know and using that for content

38:02 Sharing words and advice with Amanda Keller

38:56 Explaining how she brings content to the program now 

40:10 Discussing the metrics to measure success – ratings and beyond

41:38 Sharing her desire to move to talk radio.