In Season 1, Craig talked to six of the best: Marty Sheargold, Chrissie Swan, Eddie McGuire, Sam Cavanagh, James Brayshaw, and Mick Molloy. 

Marty Sheargold opened up about the death of his mate and colleague Richard Marsland and about why he thinks his current job may be his last. Chrissie Swan told Craig about her first job and the directive she received from a program director not to laugh on air. Eddie McGuire talked about the influence his brother has had on his career and why it's crucial to never become jaded. James Brayshaw discussed the importance of taking ownership of your show, and why he thinks mates hanging shit on each other is the key to his show. Sam Cavanagh shared his obsession with ideas and the scariest moment of his career (here's a hint, it involves U2). Mick Molly paid tribute to the men and women who showed him the way, and told Craig why he puts 'writer' as his occupation when he travels.

And finally, Craig Bruce talked about the lessons he learned from interviewing the best of the best.