Conducted over two weeks and with a sample size of 226, this is the largest study of its kind in Australian radio.

So, who was part of the Game Changers 2020 Talent Survey?

With solid representation of large metro, as well as large and small regional talent, this snapshot of the Game Changers 2020 Talent Survey is reported in three of sections - Content Director Relationship, Feedback and Career Drivers - Air-checking, what you want from your Content Director and your Career Progression, and we will round it off with an overview of the Social Media Space and how your personal brand fits in.

Graphic 1: SAMPLE - Responsive Asnyc CODE

Your relationship with your Content Director

In this section we explore your relationship with your Content Director and how this impacts your career progression and improvement on the air.

“I've had it both ways, so I know at the moment I’m getting some of the best support, trust and empowerment I've ever had in radio.”

What stands out from that one comment? Support, trust and empowerment.

While there is not a huge divide between large Metro and small and large Regional, it is clear that encouragement and support dovetail into our thirst for feedback.

Most rate their Relationship with their Content Director as positive.

Graphic 1: CD Relationship 1 - Responsive Asnyc CODE

The Feedback Loop

We in the Radio business are a unique bunch, always looking to better ourselves.

“I only get mediocre praise. 'Yeah that was good' when he hears something. Never negative which is really tough to grow and improve.”

Where the opportunity sits though, is making OnAir Talent feel challenged and critically securing regular feedback.

“When a CD goes out of their way to let you know you did a break. Whether that be verbally, email or text. As a workday announcer I felt left out of the mould of getting feedback, but it is getting better.”

Graphic 3: Feedback Loop 1 - Responsive Asnyc CODE

And a little more...

Graphic 4: Feedback Loop 2 - Responsive Asnyc CODE

The Feedback Loop: Air-checking

“Honest. Positive. Constructive.”

The bookend day parts are represented and spread almost evenly between large Metro and small and large Regional markets. Most leaned in with regular detailed feedback!

So, how useful is being air-checked by your current Content Director?

Graphic 5: Feedback Loop Air-Checking - Responsive Asnyc CODE

The Feedback Loop: What do Breakfast and Drive OnAir Talent Want?

Looking on at this group, when asked 'Would you rather your Content Director provide regular detailed feedback on the show or would you prefer a more hands-off approach?', there were clear cut responses.

"I will drive the content, but I want my Content Director to give me constructive and regular feedback".

“We need the occasional cheer when we're doing it right as much as we need to hear when we're doing it not quite right. Not big ego cheers, just some small pats of encouragement on the back when we are getting it right. The assumption that you must be doing it right when you don't hear anything for 6 or more months isn't doing anyone favours. For me, keep the feedback as constructive as possible. Help me strive for that next moment of perfection because I do like to be challenged.”

Graphic 6: Feedback – Would You Rather - Responsive Asnyc CODE

The Feedback Loop: Career Progression

From your open-ended comments there is a clear thread of the real passion each has for their OnAir craft, but how does that translate with career progression?

46% of large and small Regional talent feel somewhat supported, with 1 in 5 very supported. However, 1 in 3 feel not at all supported.

From our large Metro team, 1 in 4 feel either very or not at all supported, leaving half saying somewhat supported.

Graphic 7: Feedback – Career Supported - Responsive Asnyc CODE

Your personal social media brand

Each Network broadly carves up their slice of the social media pie to leverage their brand reach. Chances are your personal social media brand should be no different. It’s something most of you agree on.

It is clear Facebook’s heritage in the space shines, with Instagram not that far off.

In the social context, while flavour of the month externally is TikTok, it is clear visually driven content will continue to build. That sees established players also attempting to block competition. Instagram Reels, for example, taking on TikTok.

Graphic 8: Social Brand - Responsive Asnyc CODE