Tim Blackwell is a game changer. He has been a constant presence on Nova since 2001. He played a key role in the launch of Nova Melbourne and Nova Perth, anchoring breakfast shows in both markets. In 2011 he moved into the national drive slot with Mishel Laurie and Marty Sheargold. In 2017 (at the time of this interview), he hosts NOVA's national drive show Kate, Tim & Marty with Kate Ritchie and (once again) Marty Sheargold.

Tim Blackwell_Game Changers Radio
Tim Blackwell is a radio game changer. Listen to his interview with Craig Bruce on Game Changers: Radio.


2:43 Craig Bruce introducing Tim Blackwell as one of the most admired music announcers in the country

4:21 Explaining how the program comes together on air

6:35 Recalling his interest in radio from 6 years of age

7:33 Sharing his first experience in commercial radio in Tasmania

10:10 Explaining how he came co-host of breakfast while he was in year 10 at school

12:39 Describing his education leading to radio

13:29 Craig recalling that Tim and Chris Page would share a ride to their AFTRS course

14:12 Remembering the talent who have influenced him, especially from 2DayFM

14:59 Listening to tapes of Jamie Angel 

16:01 Craig describing Nova as the last 'cool' FM brand

17:22 Explaining the role AFTRS plays in connecting radio people

19:08 Moving to Albury while waiting for Nova to start

20:19 Going to Perth for Red Hot Chilli Peppers and launching Nova Perth

22:45 Craig noting there are few announcers in radio who genuinely love music

24:15 Craig musing on the future of radio as young people find the talk on radio toxic

26:50 Advising that keeping in touch with talent is the way to get ahead

28:17 Craig suggesting that listeners who ask for advice from presenters to be specific and prepare questions 

30:14 Earning his role as an anchor with Hughesy and Kate

32:16 Being moved on from a show and getting over it

33:43 Craig talking about the importance of resilience in radio

34:34 Moving to Brisbane for the start of what became Meshel, Tim and Marty

36:33 Craig noting that Marty Sheargold has a good influence on you when you work with him on air

37:17 Explaining the influence Marty has had on him over time

38:35 Sharing advice to young radio announcers

39:09 Craig asking how you learn to be an anchor who enhances the product without getting in the way

40:05 Explaining how he still panels while anchoring

42:37 Talking through the change from Meshel Laurie to Kate Ritchie and becoming Kate, Tim and Marty

45:27 Knowing your roles before you go on air and how to put a program together

48:05 Acknowledging that callers can ruin a segment

51:20 Craig reflecting on how the Games Changers know what they will not do

52:38 Explaining how you have to start out doing what you are asked to do before you get to reject the format and the rules

55:03 Theorising that the role of 'the interview' doesn’t mean anything to the audience anymore

58:16 Offering advice for young players – ask questions, do the work, move and be a good employee off air as well.